The charm and chicof a truepanoramic belvedere & the luxury, the comfort andall the conveniencesof a large hotel…At home!
">The charm and chicof a truepanoramic belvedere & the luxury, the comfort andall the conveniencesof a large hotel…At home!
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The charm and chic
of a true
panoramic belvedere


the luxury, the comfort and
all the conveniences
of a large hotel…
At home!


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Walking in the morning dew, birdwatching, sitting on a bench to enjoy a book, listening to the river’s whispers and admiring a sunset are all great ways to unwind. Nearby, there are also three golf courses, over twenty parks and a few organic farms where you can go fruit and vegetable picking. In Sainte-Dorothée, you will find a friendly neighbourhood where you will be free to fulfill your heart’s desire. You will make the most out of your time, while Sélection Panorama arranges stimulating and dynamic living areas for you.

  • Pool‎
  • Landscaped courtyard‎
  • Hiking paths‎
  • Biking paths‎
  • Waterfront access‎
  • Local services‎
  • Neighbourhood life‎

Making common areas
a common bond

Constantly striving for visual harmony, balanced forms and refined lines, the architectural conception puts forward open areas where it feels natural to gather. These common areas are spacious rooms that favour people sharing time through conversations, drinks or parties, while admiring the calming sight of the river. Furthermore, the condominium owners can take advantage of the Sky Lobby and its privileged view on the river.

Exceptional panorama, high-rise habitat, omnipresent comfort… all these elements gather to fully give you a real feeling of freedom and profound well-being.

  • Theatre room
  • Billiard room
  • Arts studio
  • Woodworking shop
  • Recreational activites
    and outings
  • Aqua fit
  • Library
  • Home theatre
  • Indoor lawn bowling
  • Music room with piano
  • Bowling room
  • 3D golf simulator

Always close

With this new beginning, having your family and friends close remains important. Years and generations go by, grandkids grow but love and friendships continue to develop regardless of distance. Sélection Panorama offers your visitors independent spaces that allow for the privacy
and tranquility they need, while offering them the freedom to spend some quality time with you.

  • Kids’ area‎
  • Private dining room
    for receptions‎
  • Apartment rental‎
  • Wifi in common areas‎

Personalized design

At Sélection Panorama, we pay close attention to the design and decoration of your home. We want to offer you a place that speaks to you and feels comfortable all year long. A space tailored to your desires, where you can enjoy some peaceful moments. Throughout the building, generous fenestration allows streams of light to flow in, providing professional designers and decorators with a true playground in which to work their craft. From the choice of finish materials to favoured textures, encompassing interior layout options and other functionalities, every room expresses your personality. Nothing is left to chance, because you are at the heart of our project.


The joys of
fine dining

A famous French writer once said: “From all the sins, the only respectable one is, to me, gluttony.” Being gluttonous means giving in to the pleasures of fine dining. It means leaving your taste buds run free and celebrating them through blissful flavours. With Sélection Panorama, you will experience culinary pleasures in guilt-free moderation. We focus on using fresh products and healthy recipes, which make for a wholesome and balanced diet that is a key ingredient to a better, longer and healthier life. If you are facing dietary issues, you will find we provide solutions that answer the specific needs of special diets or food allergies.

Isabelle Huot, proud ambassador of healthyID® – NUTRITION developed, in collaboration with our chefs, balanced menus for Réseau Sélection. She also provides residents with short monthly articles about nutrition where she offers some interesting tips. By paying such close attention to the quality and nutritional benefits of the food we serve, our facilities cater to everyone’s preferences in a warm and welcoming setting. There’s our recipe for success!

  • Dining room with panoramic
    view of the river‎
  • Personalized table service‎
  • Private dining room
    for receptions‎
  • Bistro café‎
  • Choice of menu‎
  • Salad bar‎

Live better longer

Living better and longer is what everybody wants. That’s why Réseau Sélection developed healthyID®, a lifestyle that focuses on health, prevention and the adoption of proper life habits on a day-to-day basis. This translates into numerous programs full of activities and advice as well as access to a network of healthcare professionals adapted to retirees’ needs. This commitment to well-being is also perceived in The Rose-Aimée Wing. Inspired by the values transmitted by the mother of Réseau Sélection’s founder, this care-center wing assists residents while focusing on family, support and mutual help. Finally, the healthyID® agenda addresses many themes that concern retiree’s physical, psychological and emotional health. The ultimate goal: maintaining an active and autonomous lifestyle in an energizing environment.

  • Well-being specialists
  • Training room
  • Yard and activities
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Drugstore
  • Pedicures
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Nursing personnel 24/7


Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor parking with some spots reserved for visitors, because it’s important to be welcoming to your



In all seasons, the luscious vegetation is a source of pleasure. At night, mood lighting illuminates your way through the gardens.


3D golf

Need to practise your swing or just feel like playing a game? Our facility offers a 3D golf simulator so you can play in the comfort of your home.


dining room and restaurant

Spacious and well-lit, the dining room provides fresh and diverse meals, with personalized table service. The restaurant offers food from all over the world as well as more traditional dishes and a table d’hôte.



Staying in shape is achieved through the pleasure of effort, with the use of proper equipment as well as health and sports professionals.


beauty and hairstyling

The hair and beauty salon gives you access to professional services adapted to your specific needs and medical conditions. No need to go very far to find what you need!


movie theatre

To catch new releases or watch old classics, take a seat in the theatre room and enjoy a break any day of the week.


game room

This is the ultimate place to meet up with friends. Everything is here for you to have fun, meet new people and have a good time.



Be it for a few laps or an aqua fit class, the pool offers many benefits for residents to enjoy all year long.



Feel like delving into a book or borrow a DVD? Stop by the library to find what you are looking for.



An electronic control system for every access, surveillance 24 hours a day and a receptionist 7 days a week are here to ensure the residents’ peace of mind.



Whether you are in your apartment
or in a common area, you will always have a fast and reliable Internet connection.


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